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Trapos e Bijuquices is an online store created specially for the woman who appreciates bags not only with great design but also an amazing quality.  

In our store you can find a wide variety of bags for women. All of our bags are in genuine leather and directly imported  from Italy, a country that is worldwide recognized for the quality of their leather, So buying from us you can trust you will be getting the best genuine italian leather bags.

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artesão de couro


Italian Leather is made of cowhide but his quality is directly related with the traditional methods that are used to make the bags and other leather items. 

Before starting with the production the best parts of the cowhide are selected and sent to the tanning process. This process is exactly what makes Genuine Italian Leather Bags so special. The Toscany tanning uses only natural ingredients which gives that special smell to the Italian leather bags.

When the bags finally start being produced once again we follow the tradition. All our bags are handmaded by certified and qualified artisan’s. 

Our bags are produced in italy, more precisely in Toscany - Firenze.

The bags are made by qualified and certified artisan's that produce them using the tradicional methods we described above.

In the interior of each of our bags you will find a stamp cerfiyng that they are "Genuine Italian Leather"

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